Hreflang quick revision

I’ll check your Hreflang annotations and validate them. I can also fix any issues you might be experiencing with Hreflang or geo-targeting / language targeting in general. This product is a 20-minute check during which I check whatever annotations I’ll see on the website and give you my recommendations on how to fix them. The more information you’ll provide me with, the better. I’ll send you a list of questions about your targeting after I receive your payment.

I’ll comment on what I see and what I can evaluate from whatever comments and access rights you’ll provide me with. I don’t do free follow-ups. I can do paid follow-ups when you make another purchase here. If I see a larger issue, I’ll give you the most I can give you in 20 minutes and then suggest a more thorough revision. I take no responsibility for the effects.

Price: 33 EUR