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Rule out Hreflang as the root cause of
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What you get

What’s included in the 20-minute check?

  • Validate your Hreflang annotations for consistency across your website.
  • Assess your overall geo-targeting strategy for alignment with Hreflang settings.
  • Identify conflicts or issues with country and language code combinations.
  • Discover ways to optimize Hreflang through sitemaps or headers.

Are you facing these geo-targeting challenges?

Why you might need this service

Incorrect geographic targeting

Experiencing traffic or high bounce rates from countries you didn’t target? Ensure your Hreflang settings are not the culprit.

New multilingual or multi-regional website

Just set up your global site? Make sure you are ready to launch without any geo-targeting hitches.

Complex website structure

Multiple versions of your site targeting different regions and languages? I can help align your complex structure with correct Hreflang tags.

Changing target audience

Switched your focus to a different country or language but still ranking incorrectly? Get your Hreflang tags in line with your new strategy.

How the quick revision works

  1. Make a payment.
  2. Receive an email with questions.
  3. Provide answers to focus the review.
  4. Receive recommendations via text or video.


What you should know
I’ll comment on what I see and can evaluate from whatever comments and access rights you provide me with. I don’t offer free follow-ups. Paid follow-ups are available upon a new purchase. If I identify a larger issue, I’ll provide as much advice as possible within the 20-minute limit and may suggest a more thorough revision. I take no responsibility for the effects.

Fixed price, maximum value
For just 33 EUR, get the most actionable advice within 20 minutes.

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