Identify and Fix ‘Unassigned’ and ‘(not set)’ in Google Analytics 4

08/31/2023by Martin Kura0

When you’re looking at your Google Analytics 4 dashboard, you might come across “Unassigned” and “(not set)” entries. These are essentially gaps in your data, where Google Analytics couldn’t capture complete information.

Reasons for data gaps

Improper setup

If your tracking code isn’t correctly placed on every webpage, you’ll end up with missing data. It’s like leaving the door open and wondering why the heat escapes.

Integration missteps

Mismatched Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts can create these gaps. This disconnection is like trying to charge your phone with the wrong cable; it just doesn’t work.

Natural causes

Sometimes, sessions end at midnight or if the visitor remains inactive for 30 minutes. These are events you can’t necessarily control but should be aware of.

Blockers and filters

Third-party blockers like ad-blockers can prevent Google Analytics from capturing data. It’s as if someone unplugged your GPS while you’re trying to navigate a trip.

Quick redirects

If your website redirects users to another page too quickly, you might lose some data along the way.

URL shenanigans

Manual URL editing by visitors can cause UTM parameters to get mixed up, affecting data collection.


Occasionally, a session logs without any actual page or screen views.

How to make your data spotless

Ensure proper setup

Double-check your setup by confirming that the Google Analytics tracking code is placed correctly on every page of your website.

Integrate ads seamlessly

Allow manual tagging and ensure that you’ve connected the right views in GA and accounts in Ads to fix integration issues.

Be mindful of time limits

While you can’t stop the clock, be aware that natural session ends can occur.

Utilize Google Tag Manager

Use Google Tag Manager to simplify the management and deployment of tags.

Slow down redirects

Fix or eliminate quick redirects so Google Analytics can catch up.

Standardize UTM parameters

Follow standard UTM tagging rules to ensure you’re gathering accurate data.

Seek expert advice

For further reference and troubleshooting, consult Google’s support documents or get professional help. More info can be found here: Google Support.

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One more thing to keep in mind

Don’t forget that a user’s privacy settings and cookie blockers can throw a wrench in your data collection. It’s like a magic trick where the card you thought you’d pull out of the deck isn’t there. Always keep this in mind as you’re reviewing your data.

Why ignoring these gaps is a bad idea

Neglecting to address these gaps in your data is like trying to read a book with missing pages. You won’t get the full story, leading you to make misguided decisions that could impact your business negatively.

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