Local SEO Strategies: 7 Things You’ve Probably Missed

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Local citations, NAP, local Google+ page, reviews, … That’s all good for local SEO. Did you know there are another easy local search arrangements that others aren’t probably using and that can make a huge difference in local search? Here you are.

Facebook Open Graph

Social geo-tags are as important as a properly optimized Google+ page. They give search engines quite precise local signals. Use Facebook Open Graph which will geo-tag your content when shared on Facebook.


facebook open graph location tagging

Will result in this:

facebook open graph location tagging2Image credit: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/opengraph/using-actions/v2.1#places

Geo-Targeted LinkedIn Group

Believe it or not, well-managed LinkedIn groups can add you some extra points in SERPs. And what can be easier than geo-targeting the group? Go to Manage > Group Settings to set up your geographic target. Use this group to post mainly local topics to engage local audiences.

linkedin group geo-targeting

Location-Tagged Photos and Videos

On whichever social network you are sharing your own media files related to your business, don’t forget to geo-tag them. Some of the networks have the geo-tagging functionality built in, in some you’ll have to create location tags yourself (hashtags).

geo-tagging photos

Pinterest Map

Are you using Pinterest to promote your local business? How about creating a separate board with a map? You can also add photos there. Read the post Introducing Place Pins.

map on pinterest

Local Blog Posts with Location Tags

Have you attended a local event? Organizing a local venue? A casual pool party? Why not write about it twice – before the event (to invite people) and after it (what it was like). Or if you aren’t that active in local terms, why not aggregating specific businesses in your area in a customized map?

Don’t forget to create relevant location tags – e.g. Minnesota, NYC, The Big Island and use them to tag your location-specific blog posts.

Photo Albums with Location Meta Tags

The same is true for photo albums. Use captions for your images, as well as photo album tags (locations names) and alt tags.

photo album meta tags

Move Your Business to the Centroid

According to Linda, it’s not that important for Google that your business is located in the city center, as long as it’s located near the Centroid. What’s the Centroid? It’s “the center of that particular industry hub within that city.” Try to search the phrase “[your industry] [your location]” and find where exactly the Centroid for your industry and location is!


Image credit: https://localsearchforum.catalystemarketing.com/

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