Marketing Festival 2014: Avinash Kaushik & Pete Meyers Leveraged Local To The Max

I’m not going to write about the great insights their presentations have given to me in terms of digital marketing knowledge. I would like to pinpoint one thing that really impressed me on how their presentations were made. It could be just as simple as that:

Avinash gave Czech websites a hard time

Avinash Kaushik at Marketing Festival 2014

“That’s two people who favorited the tweet. It’s two. It’s not two thousand, it’s two. Two. And one is fake.” (Brno, Czech Republic)

At the beginning, Avinash referred to Seznam as ‘his favorite search engine.’ He was talking about local companies, local search engine results, pinpointing weaknesses and strengths, and hitting hard on mobile-unfriendly websites in Czech.

Again, all the scenarios were performed in Czech and Czech only. He ultimately gained massive attention by local marketers. And what’s the best part? Everything was grammatically correct. <!–some Czech companies aren’t even able to make an errorless presentation in English–>

Thumbs up, Avinash!

Peter Meyers and his Czech heritage

pete meyers

Peter Meyers from Moz and his Czechoslovakian ancestors. Who would’ve guessed? (Brno, Czech Republic)

Believe it or not, Peter a.k.a. Dr. Pete’s ancestors were Czechoslovakian. A decent applause sounded thru Janacek Theater when he revealed that. He was even not feared to provide supporting documents such as birth certificates and family photos.

Honestly, do you know of any better way than this to get the locals on the same page? Moreover, when you learn a couple of local words and how to pronounce them properly. Dr. Pete nailed his speech even more when he added a comparative data analysis that included US, Czech and Polish searches. Well done, Pete!

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