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Transform your marketing
in 6 months:
Get a Mover,
not just a manager

Take your business from stagnant to standout as I personally oversee your marketing overhaul, delivering measurable results in half a year.


Getting clients from direct sales only and struggling to scale? Want to generate good leads from digital channels, but all your attempts have failed so far? Have you tried everything from your own internal team to hiring an agency, but feel that the team’s motivation just faded away and the agency just used you as a cash cow? End the pain now!

As The Mover, I first start with rapid data analysis to identify growth opportunities. I balance immediate results, by targeting low-hanging fruit, with strategies for long-term growth. Want to learn more? Keep reading!

Over the past 15 years

I watched businesses succeed and fail. The successful had a thing in common: swift data-driven actions and scaling marketing efforts

What I handle for you
Content Creation & SEO
Creating top-notch content is just the beginning. I focus on multi-language SEO to broaden your reach and strengthen your online authority. All while maintaining a steady publication schedule, good for both users and search engines.
Marketing Automation
From MailChimp to Hubspot, I set up and fine-tune your marketing software, making sure everything runs smoothly. Automation isn’t just a buzzword here; it’s a game-changer for your marketing efficiency.
Lead Generation
Get ready for a proactive approach to collecting quality leads. I employ cross-platform campaigns and irresistible lead magnets to engage and convert your target audience. But it doesn’t stop online; I also integrate offline events for a full-spectrum strategy.
Social Media & PR Automation
Consistency is key in maintaining a robust online brand presence. I use tools like Buffer and Hootsuite to make sure you’re always in the conversation. And when it comes to PR, I’ve got you covered with compelling media kits and semi-automatic outreach.
Growth Hacking & Analytics
Data isn’t just numbers; it’s the roadmap to your success. I set up detailed tracking systems to understand nuanced user behavior. Then I pivot and tweak in real-time to maximize your results as quickly as possible.

From zero to marketing hero: your roadmap

Ready to elevate your marketing game?
Here’s a plan that I follow to fast-track your marketing machine.

Strategy Sync-Up
I start with the end in mind, setting goals and crafting a roadmap that’s as focused as it is flexible.

Talent Fill-up
You need the right people to move the needle. I find them, vet them, and get them ready to rock.

Marketing Playbook
I outline the rules of the game. A clear playbook ensures everyone’s tuned to the same frequency.

The wheels are up. Projects and campaigns launch with clear KPIs and deadlines that respect your time.

Data Watch
If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. I keep an eagle eye on the metrics that matter.

Mic Drop
I wrap it up with a bow, review what clicked, and hand you the keys to your polished marketing operation.

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Let’s Roll

What they said about me

Helen Pelipecki

Martin is one of the most hard-working, trustworthy, detailed oriented professionals I have ever met. He is definitely an example for me in his ethics, professionalism and passion for the work he does! If you are doing business in Europe/ Central Europe and needs someone to work with anything related to languages, he is the person you should search for!

Philipp Roden

In 2022, Martin fundamentally improved our marketing approach to boost our digital presence. He revamped our website for better visibility and conversion and guided us through analytics for data-driven decisions. We’ve seen a 69% increase in page views and a 37% rise in organic reach, gained essential insights from Martin’s SEO and analytics workshops, and we continue to consult him regularly.

Eva Andrle

Martin is a skilled problem solver who tailors strategies to our unique needs, supported by his extensive experience. He communicates effectively with both our tech team and management, making every meeting productive. As a marketing consultant, he empowers our team and works well with various budgets. His data-driven approach has led to tangible improvements in our website’s organic conversions.

Lukas Slovak

Martin’s creativity and organization were crucial for the success of our Brunch meeting. His strategies yielded more relevant leads than expected and even led to securing two new clients. This first collaboration was so impactful that we’ve continued to work with Martin, not just on events but on SoftLi’s overall marketing strategy.

Zuzana Paulovics

I’ve worked with Martin for two years at ČSOB Start it. He’s our go-to mentor for Marketing Clinics and a key part of our Validation Camps. His clinics get positive reviews, he listens well and finds quick wins. Working with Martin is a breeze, and he brightens our day. Highly recommend!

Francis Hellyer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with and continuing to work with Martin on a number of SEO projects. He is extremely knowledgable, diligent and personable. His expertise is in local SEO and he has a real understanding of how different users from different countries interact with search and the web. Highly recommended.

Klara Sezgin

Martin helped our project to improve in SEO in all three language versions of the website. He created a very helpful analysis of technical obstacles of the website for better search results, improved english and russian content and helped with linkbuilding. We were happy with his job and we can recommend his services.

Daniel Bares

Martin has performed excellent consultation for our international website in 6 language versions. Results showed immediately and feedback from our business partners was very positive. I appreciate Martin’s professional approach not only in the SEO area, but also the ability to find an optimal solution for our company. We are happy that we co-operate with Martin Kůra.

Marketing transformation, only for businesses with balls.

€2,400/month or €14,400 for 6 months*

*Covers 20 hours of work per month

Consider this: a 30% increase in your business within a year could mean an additional €300,000 on a €1 million revenue. With a proven ROI of 400%+, this isn’t just an expense—it’s an investment with real, measurable return.

You asked me

  • Do you work with businesses in any industry?
  • How do you handle existing marketing teams?
  • What kind of managerial experience do I have?
  • Do you handle international marketing campaigns?
  • How quickly can we expect results?
  • What kind of reporting and analytics do you provide?
  • What platforms and tools do you commonly use?
  • Will you need a marketing budget increase?
  • Do you have your own team to use?
  • How do you handle hiring?
  • How quickly do you handle hiring and onboarding?
  • How do we have to prepare for you?
  • How soon can you start?
Do you work with businesses in any industry?

No, I primarily work with B2B companies and software companies. I also have experience with service providers, real estate, medical, healthcare, IT support, SaaS companies, product owners, and the hospitality industry.

How do you handle existing marketing teams?

I value existing relationships and roles within the team. I actively work with their preferences and incorporate their insights into my strategy. I aim to motivate the team and build on their strengths. My approach is collaborative, aiming to build on each team member’s strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses.

What kind of managerial experience do I have?

I have 15 years of managerial experience, starting as a CEO at the age of 22. I’ve managed teams in my own companies, as well as in various startups, ranging from small teams to larger teams of five or more internal staff and up to 25 external contractors.

Do you handle international marketing campaigns?

Yes, I have experience in managing international marketing campaigns. While I’m not a PPC specialist, I do work closely with them, providing strategic guidance for campaign planning, A/B testing, and long-term execution.

How quickly can we expect results?

The timeline for results varies based on factors like the strength of the existing team. If a team is already in place, results could be seen in three months. If I need to build a team, it may take up to five months to see results.

What kind of reporting and analytics do you provide?

I create a customized KPI sheet in Google Sheets that aligns with your business goals, focusing on both hard and soft KPIs like brand metrics and engagement. I pull data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, CRM tools, and email programs, providing a comprehensive month-to-month report.

What platforms and tools do you commonly use?

I’m tool-agnostic but have strong experience with Asana for project management, various CRM platforms like Pipedrive, and analytic tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. I can adapt to any tools your company currently uses.

Will you need a marketing budget increase?

In most cases, yes. I suggest a budget increase only when necessary to achieve desired results. The minimum budget I work with is around 2500 euros per month.

Do you have your own team to use?

No, I don’t have an existing team, but I have a network of external contractors for tasks like copywriting and graphic design. I can recommend or hire new people as needed.

How do you handle hiring?

I start hiring when we have a clear marketing plan. I use platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook groups for recruitment. I aim to automate the hiring process for efficiency and conduct a thorough, multi-step assessment of candidates.

How quickly do you handle hiring and onboarding?

The hiring process typically takes from two to four weeks. Onboarding also falls within this timeframe, depending on the role. My goal is to shorten the hiring and onboarding process over time.

How do we have to prepare for you?

I need a clear vision of business goals, business KPIs, existing marketing strategies, channels, and access to Google Analytics. I may require some time with management to align with business objectives, which can be done through workshops or one-on-one sessions.

How soon can you start?

My availability varies based on current commitments.I need to schedule my availability at least a few weeks or months in advance. It’s best to contact me as soon as possible, even if you’re still in the consideration phase.

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