Martin’s Micro-analysis

Unlock Actionable Insights for Just 33 EUR

Been there, done that. With 14 years of experience, let me quickly identify your digital marketing pain points and opportunities. No sugar coating, just straight talk.

Whether you’re just Starting Up or seeking to Go to Market, get a tailored, 20-minute digital check-up to unlock your full potential. You can opt for an analysis in one of these domains:

  • Google Search Console: Fix alerts like page indexing issues, get it set up properly.
  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Setup: No more GA4 confusion, only clarity.
  • Data Snapshot: Because 20% of users generate 80% of income, and you need to find them.
  • Hreflang and Geo-Targeting: Master international markets. I speak SEO and localization fluently.

  • Website Overview: Find your digital sweet spot.
  • Strategic Insight into Your Marketing: Elevate your brand with focused strategies, distilled in 20 minutes.
  • Quick SEO Evaluation: Beyond the basics, because you deserve better.
  • Backlink Assessment: It’s all about quality, not quantity.
  • Technical SEO Issues: Let’s fix those red flags together.

How it works

As your Candid Website Analyst, once payment is processed, I’ll send you questions to better understand your unique challenges. I’ll then conduct a 20-minute analysis, providing actionable, candid recommendations. No frills, just strategies that work.


Brace yourself! I’ll tell it like it is based on what I see and the access you provide. Follow-ups are not free but trust me, it’s worth every penny for a dedicated focus on actionable insights. Outcomes are your responsibility.

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