Prioritizing work in SEO

05/14/2024by Martin Kura0

You purchased an SEO audit again…

And you, again, got a wallpaper of ‘SEO recommendations’.

When you’re lucky, you got this never-ending list of tasks sorted by priority or severity.

How much of it can you truly trust, though?

Don’t worry, I’ve got your back!

First, you want to find out WHERE exactly are you losing your customers at the moment.

  1. Not enough organic Impressions? Focus on the Top of Funnel.
  2. Sort of enough Impressions, but low on Clicks? Focus on TOF: Clicks
  3. OK-ish organic traffic, but low page views or high exit rates?
  4. Sufficient organic traffic, but low on conversions?

Found the problem? Good!

Let’s break it down then:

Top of Funnel – Increase Impressions

→ Strategy: Boost SERP coverage.

Typical SEO Tasks:

  • Identifying content gaps through robust keyword research, match your current web pages to the topical clusters.
  • Enhancing existing content, growing in impressions
  • Online PR opportunities, partnerships, brand mentions, backlinks on high-authority domains

Top of the Funnel – Increase Clicks

→ Strategy: Maximize your current content performance.

Typical SEO Tasks:

  • Enhance meta data for improved click-through rates, especially for the pages in the top 11 average positions.
  • Work on rich snippets, SERP features, favicons.
  • Online PR opportunities focused on high-quality traffic (not necessarily authority).
  • Crawl budget optimization.

Middle of the Funnel – Bottlenecks:

→ Strategy: Guide users to action.

Typical SEO Tasks – most of the technical SEO tasks belong here, specifically:

  • Internal linking, breadcrumbs and other navigation.
  • Mobile optimization to ensure the site is fully responsive.
  • Page speed optimization to decrease loading times.
  • Enhancing call-to-action buttons for increased clicks
  • Image optimization, including alt attributes and compression for faster loading.
  • Voice search optimization for question-based queries.

Bottom of the Funnel: Objective: Maximize conversions.

Typical SEO Tasks:

  • HTTPS and security: sometimes the #1 reason why loyal customers can not make a purchase
  • Website availability in general, fixing extremely long load times
  • Fixing meaningless redirects, specifically IP address based
  • Fixing serious indexation issues, like site not being indexed at all
  • Core web vitals
  • Refreshing landing pages’ content

In other words, categorize and align your SEO tasks with business objectives. Now you know where to start your SEO journey!

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