Infographic: Domain Strategy and International SEO

domain strategy international seo

Is a .COM domain really the best choice for international targeting? Can a local TLD rank as well abroad as at home? Can a domain rank well internationally even when we don’t use ccTLDs?

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International SEO: 56 Point Checklist

International SEO Checklist: 56 Point Checklist for Companies Who Want to Expand Internationally and Make No Mistakes

International SEO is not just about choosing ccTLDs versus subfolders. It’s a complex process requiring some serious thinking and above all, planning.

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skoda domain

This is yet another example of why purchasing all your TLDs in advance is important. The domain is not owned by Skoda Auto company and therefore their global website struggles to gain a strong global presence.

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Think Globally, Act Locally: 5 Local SEO Strategies for Global Businesses

The Google Pigeon update has reinforced that global brands must rethink their global SEO strategies to be competitive among local businesses in the countries they are targeting.

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