What is International SEO?

what the hell is international SEO

Moz’s definition is: International SEO is the process of setting up your website so that search engines can easily identify which countries you want to reach and what languages you use for business.

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International SEO: 56 Point Checklist

International SEO Checklist: 56 Point Checklist for Companies Who Want to Expand Internationally and Make No Mistakes

International SEO is not just about choosing ccTLDs versus subfolders. It’s a complex process requiring some serious thinking and above all, planning.

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How To Choose Multilingual SEO Service Provider

multilingual seo services

Going global? Then you want to choose an international SEO provider, too. It’s not as easy as it seems, though. Many of them just see an opportunity for financial gain in you, because the more markets, the more money, obviously. How to distinguish real multilingual SEO experts from just – well, entrepreneurs?

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Skoda.com Case: Can We Get Our Domain Name Back?

skoda domain

This is yet another example of why purchasing all your TLDs in advance is important. The domain skoda.com is not owned by Skoda Auto company and therefore their global website struggles to gain a strong global presence.

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What Can Flying Teach You About Global SEO

Global SEO vs. Flying

During the time I’ve been interested in flying small airplanes, I’ve learned about many similarities between flying and global SEO. So I thought I should let you know about them, too.

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New Digital Marketing Strategy for Czech Republic and Slovakia

The two countries together have reached 9.8 million Internet users. The land of Czechs and Slovaks hold a strategic geographical position in Europe. We are also talking about the highest concentration of tech talents per capita (which may relate to the highest beer consumption per capita in the Czech Republic). Moreover, the number of online […]

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Marketing Festival 2014: Avinash Kaushik & Pete Meyers Leveraged Local To The Max

I’m not going to write about the great insights their presentations have given to me in terms of digital marketing knowledge. I would like to pinpoint one thing that really impressed me on how their presentations were made.

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Think Globally, Act Locally: 5 Local SEO Strategies for Global Businesses

The Google Pigeon update has reinforced that global brands must rethink their global SEO strategies to be competitive among local businesses in the countries they are targeting.

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