Best Hreflang Software Tools: Features Comparison & Overview

Top Hreflang software tools

I have decided to have a look into the existing Hreflang tools and find their pros and cons. Here is an overview of all the Hreflang generators or analyzers which I consider the best.

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List of Hreflang Country and Language Codes & Frequent Errors

Hreflang Codes Values

I have put together a list of codes (values) which you can use for creating Hreflang header attributes for your multi-lingual or multi-regional website.

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Hreflang XML Sitemap: 3 Examples You Can Steal

hreflang sitemap example

In order to tell Google and other search engines which language/country version is intended for which audience, you can use a Hreflang sitemap.

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Baidu and International Websites: Hreflang, Geographic Target, Meta Language Tag

Baidu versus Hreflang

How does Baidu deal with international websites? Well, in reality, Baidu favors local websites in Mandarin Chinese and doesn’t bother with multilingual or multinational websites much. However, there are ways to tell Baidu where the intended audience for each version of your website is.

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International SEO: 56 Point Checklist

International SEO Checklist: 56 Point Checklist for Companies Who Want to Expand Internationally and Make No Mistakes

International SEO is not just about choosing ccTLDs versus subfolders. It’s a complex process requiring some serious thinking and above all, planning.

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The Ultimate Hreflang Guide for Dummies

hreflang guide for dummies

SEMrush recently published my article with a Hreflang guide – actually the most comprehensible and simplest Hreflang guide as I believe there is.

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