How to find Campaigns in Google Analytics 4?

04/18/2023by Martin Kura0

If you’re familiar with Google Analytics and have recently made the switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you may have noticed that the location of campaigns has changed. In Universal Analytics, you could easily find campaigns under the “Acquisition” tab, but in GA4, it’s not as straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find campaigns in GA4.

  1. Log into your GA4 account and navigate to the “Reports” section.
  2. Under “Reports,” click on “Acquisition” and then select “User Acquisition” from the dropdown menu.
  3. In the table that appears, you will see several columns with different data related to user acquisition.
  4. Look for the header of the first column, which is usually labeled as “Source / Medium.” Click on the header to switch it to “First user campaign.”
  5. Once you’ve switched the header to “First user campaign,” you will see the campaigns listed in the table. This column shows the names of the campaigns that brought users to your website or app.
  6. You can further filter the report by clicking on the pencil icon in the top right corner and selecting “+ Add filter.” From there, you can choose “First user source platform” and set it to “Google Ads” if you want to see only Google Ads campaigns in the report.

In this report, you will find similar data as you would see in Universal Analytics under “Acquisition > All Campaigns.” GA4 has reorganized the campaign data and presents it in a different way, but you can still access the information you need to analyze the performance of your campaigns.

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Use UTM links to track campaigns

What’s the Point in Tracking Campaigns Using Links in GA4? Tracking campaigns through UTM links in GA4 offers precise insights into campaign performance. It allows for detailed analysis of traffic sources, mediums, and campaign effectiveness.

How to Generate UTM Links

  1. Choose a URL Builder: Utilize tools like Google’s Campaign URL Builder.
  2. Input URL and Campaign Details: Enter website URL and campaign parameters (source, medium, name).
  3. Generate Link: The tool creates your custom UTM link.

Where to Find the Parameters in GA4 to Track Them

  1. Access GA4 Reports: Navigate to your GA4 property.
  2. Locate ‘User Acquisition Report’: Find campaign parameters under ‘Traffic acquisition’.
  3. Analyze Data: View performance based on source, medium, and campaign name.

This approach simplifies tracking, enhancing campaign strategy with data-driven decisions.

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