Where is bounce rate in Google Analytics 4

12/10/2022by Martin Kura0

What is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics? It is the percentage of users that enter a site and leave without interacting with the site. You will find Bounce Rate on the GA4 home screen next to ‘Sessions,’ in the home report.

Difference Between Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate

The big difference is that Exit Rate is the percentage of exits on a specific page (i.e. how likely were users to leave the website from the page) while Bounce Rate is the percentage of users who bounced, thus left without performing any further action.

How To Create A Bounce Rate Report

You can also access the metric by doing the following:

  1. Click on ‘Explore’ (in the left tab)
  2. Then go to ‘Free form’
  3. Once there click ‘Add Metric’ (in Metric Groups), and in the search bar type ‘Bounce Rate’ 
  4. Click ‘Bounce Rate,’ then click ‘Save.’ The bounce rate of your site will then show up in custom reports

Or, if you want to keep working with a report with a bounce rate:

  1. Click ‘Reports’
  2. Acquisition
  3. User Acquisition
  4. Click on the pencil icon on the top right
  5. Click on Metrics
  6. Add metric
  7. Type in ‘Bounce rate’
  8. Click on ‘Apply’
  9. Click on ‘Save’ > ‘Save as a new report’
  10. Name your new report and click on ‘Save’

You’ll find your new report in the section ‘Library’.

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