Where Did My Custom Events Go? Decoding the Google Analytics 4 Mystery

06/26/2023by Martin Kura0

If you’re using Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to track how visitors interact with your website, you might occasionally find that your custom events aren’t appearing in the event list, even after waiting for two days.

What’s going on?

You’ve added new custom events in GA4 and they’re visible when you click the “Create” button under the “Events” tab. But when you look at the list of all events, these new ones are nowhere to be found, and you’ve been checking for over 48 hours.

How to fix it?

The likely cause for your new custom events not showing up is that they haven’t been activated yet. In other words, nobody, including you, has done the specific actions on your website that trigger these events.

So, what you can do is activate these events yourself by performing the relevant actions on your site. After doing this, wait a bit and see if they pop up in the list. To make sure it works, you might want to try this a few times.

What else could be the issue?

While it’s often due to the event not yet being triggered, there can be other causes preventing your custom events from showing up. For instance, there might be an issue with how you’ve set up the custom event, there could be problems with the tracking code on your site, or you may have data filters in place that are accidentally leaving out these events.

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