Where to customize dashboards in GA4

01/31/2023by Martin Kura0

Dashboards can be found in the ‘Customization’ drop down menu. Once you’re in the ‘Dashboard’ menu, click on create to make a new ‘Dashboard’.

What is a Google Analytics dashboard?

A ‘Dashboard’ hosts multiple metrics in one place with various display options. It is the perfect way to see just what you want to track.

The display of metrics is called a widget, and you can pick many displays such as Geomap, Timeline, Bar Graph, and more. After picking a widget display you can pick from metrics like Search Exits, Search Refinements, Clicks and more.

How to create customized dashboards in GA4?

  1. In the left-hand menu, click the drop-down arrow on ‘Customization’.
  2. Click on ‘Dashboards’.
  3. Click on ‘Create’.
  4. Choose ‘Blank Canvas’ or ‘Starter Dashboard’, then title your ‘Dashboard’.
  5. Click ‘Create Dashboard’.

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How are Custom Dashboards different from Custom Reports?

GA4 Custom Dashboards offer real-time data visualization, while Custom Reports provide a more in-depth analysis of your data.

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