Where to find Saved Reports in Google Analytics 4

02/07/2023by Martin Kura0

Saved reports are only accessible to the ones who create them. Therefore, you’ll need to publish them if you want others to have access to the reports that you have created.

So to do that follow these steps

  1. Log in to Google Analytics 4
  2. Now go to the GA4 Report menu to view any custom reports you’ve created.
  3. Click on the report’s name to view it.

To save a custom report

Reports > Navigate to a certain report you want to update > Customize reports (click on the pencil in the top right corner) > Save (button) > Save as a new report > Name the report and write a description > Save

You can also make a comparison report by clicking on the ‘Add comparison’ button and choosing metrics and dimensions that you want to compare.

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To navigate to your saved report

Report > Library (in the bottom left corner) > ‘Reports’ part

Simply click on the Share icon, and then select the option to download a file or share the link.

Select the ‘Copy link’ to copy it to your Clipboard. After that, you can paste it into an email or wherever you’d like.

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